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With all the ways to communicate an idea or sell a product at our disposal how do we know the best way to get our message across? Adopt a transmedia storytelling strategy. This high-powered presentation is designed to inspire you to connect with your target audience using multiple social media platforms. From blogs to comics to games and videos, see what the narrative universe has to offer. Learn how to combine marketing strategies allowing consumers to participate in a well crafted and engineered experience that you design. Transmedia storytelling isn’t the future of marketing, it is here, now! So whatever your message learn how to present it in an interconnected online narrative that generates more impact and transcends to a much wider audience.

The Workshop will be taught in English and there will be no translation.

Workshop do Bem

Você ganha mais conhecimento. As crianças ganham mais futuro. Uma das iniciativas para a geração de recursos para a compra de alimentos, produtos de higiene pessoal, limpeza e brinquedos, do iHelp, são os Workshops do Bem.

São encontros com duração de duas a três horas, e abordam temas das áreas de tecnologia, inovação e empreendedorismo.

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Short Bio

Rick Ramsey

Rick Ramsey joined Full Sail University in 2001 as the developer and Course Director for Digital Cinematography. In 2007, he became Department Chair for Production before becoming Program Director of Film. He also co-developed the Digital Cinematography and Media Communications Bachelor Degree Programs as well as the Film Production Master of Fine Arts Degree Program. Currently Rick serves as the Director of Visual Arts where he oversees six Bachelor degree programs. Before coming to Full Sail, Rick served for three years as Production Manager for First Tele Productions in Winston-Salem, North Carolina. Prior to that, he was the Communications Department Chair and Director of Theater at Southeastern University in Lakeland, Florida. Active in the local arts community, Rick serves as a board member for the Enzian Theater and is an active part of the Florida Film festival planning committee. Rick earned his Bachelor of Arts degree in Bible Studies from Southeastern College and his Master of Arts degree in Mass Communication from University of South Florida. His latest achievements include serving as line producer for the production of To Write Love on Her Arms starring Kat Dennings and Chad Michael Murray , serving as line producer for the situation comedy Real Rob starring Rob Schneider, and as producer for Architects of Hip Hop with Christopher Play Martin from the rap duo Kid and Play.


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Transmedia Storytelling

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